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2022 Arkansas Preferential Primary Elections
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2022 Logan County Preferential Primary Elections

Arkansas’ Preferential Primary Elections have begun. The primary election is used to narrow the field of candidates and to determine party winners. The votes cast during the Primary Election decide which candidate will either assume office or be on the November Ballot. In Arkansas, the ballots available for the preferential primary election include Republican, Democrat, and Nonpartisan. Candidates on the Independent or Libertarian Party tickets will not be on the preferential primary ballots, but rather on the General Election Ballots on November 8th. Early voting will continue through May 23rd, at both Booneville and Paris Courthouses, 8 am-6 pm Mon-Fri, and 10 am-4 pm on Saturday. On May 24th, the polls will open at 7:30 am and close at 7:30 pm. Several key positions in Logan County have only republican candidates filed. These include State Senate for District 26, Roy Hester and Incumbent Gary Stubblefield; State Representative for District 46, Shawn Bates and Incumbent Jon Eubanks; Logan County Judge, Aaron Chastain and incumbent Ray Gack; Logan County Sheriff, Michael “Mickey” Huber and incumbent Jason Massey; Logan County Clerk, Leanna Jones and incumbent Peggy Fitzjurls; Logan County Assessor, Lori Duke and incumbent Shannon Cotton; Logan County Collector, Scotty Pierce and incumbent Brittany Porter. Arkansas state law provides for "open" primary elections, meaning that a voter does not have to be registered with a party in advance in order to participate in its primary. However, the voter must select a Democratic, Republican or Nonpartisan ballot. The nonpartisan candidates (such as State Supreme Court and State Court of Appeals) will also appear on both Party Primary ballots. If there is a runoff for any position, the voter cannot cross parties and cast a ballot. For example, if the voter cast a Democratic ballot in the Preferential Primary, they cannot cast a Republican ballot in the runoff and vice versa.

Please remember that positions such as Justice Of The Peace, Constable, and School Board are ward specific. To be better prepared to make informed decisions at the poll, you can view your individualized ballots at:

Candidates are:

US State Senate

John Boozman, Rep, Incumbent

Jack Foster, Dem

Natalie James, Dem

Dan Whitfield, Dem

Jake Bequette, Rep

Heath Loftis, Rep

Jan Morgan, Rep

Stuart Shirrel, Ind (Nov. 8)

Kenneth Cates, Lib (Nov. 8)

Arkansas Secretary of State

John Thurston, Rep, Incumbent

Anna Beth Gorman, Dem

Joshua Price, Dem

Eddie Joe Williams, Rep


US House Arkansas District 4

Bruce Westerman, Rep, Incumbent

John White, Dem

Gregory Maxwell, Lib (Nov. 8)

Governor of Arkansas

Anthony Bland, Dem

Chris Jones, Dem

Jay Martin, Dem

James Russell, Dem

Supha Xayprasith-Mays, Dem

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rep

Doc Washburn, Rep

Ricky Dale Harrington Jr., Lib (Nov. 8)

Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas

Kelly Krout, Dem

Chris Bequette, Rep

Greg Bledsoe, Rep

Jason Rapert, Rep

Leslie Rutledge, Rep

Doyle Webb, Rep

Joseph Wood, Rep

Frank Gilbert, Lib (Nov. 8)

Attorney General of Arkansas

Jesse Gibson, Dem

Tim Griffin, Rep

Leon Jones, Jr., Rep

Arkansas Auditor of State

Diamond Arnold-Johnson, Dem

Dennis Milligan, Rep

Simeon Snow, Lib (Nov. 8)

Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands

Tommy Land, Rep, Incumbent

Goldi Gaines, Dem

Arkansas Supreme Court

Position 2 (Wynne’s seat)

Robin Wynne, Incumbent

Chris Carnahan

David Sterling

Position 6 (Baker’s seat)

Karen Baker, Incumbent

Gunner DeLay

Position 7 (Wood’s seat)

Rhonda Wood, Incumbent

Arkansas State Senate District 26

Gary Stubblefield, Rep, Incumbent

Roy Hester, Rep

Gabriel Andreucetti, Lib (Nov. 8)

Arkansas House of Rep, District 46

Jon Eubanks, Rep, Incumbent

Shawn Bates, Rep

Logan County Judge

Ray Gack, Rep, Incumbent

Aaron Chastain, Rep

Logan County Clerk

Peggy Fitzjurls, Rep, Incumbent

LeAnna Jones, Rep.

Logan County Sheriff

Jason Massey, Rep, Incumbent

Michael Huber, Rep

Logan County Circuit Clerk

Carrie Stanford, Dem

April Hice, Rep

Logan County Assessor

Shannon Cotton, Rep, Incumbent

Lori Duke, Rep

Logan County Tax Collector

Brittany Porter, Rep, Incumbent

Scotty Pierce, Rep

Logan County Treasurer

Lori Krepps, Rep

Logan County Coroner

Blake Schluterman, Rep, Incumbent

Justice of Peace


Charlie Sparks, Rep, Incumbent

Stephen Downum, Rep


Gary Rhinehart, Rep, Incumbent

Justin Taylor, Dem


Michael Schluterman, Rep, Incumbent


Joyce Koch, Dem, Incumbent


Bill Wright, Rep


Jeffrey O’Neal, Rep


Bob Krepps, Ind, Incumbent

Donald Keezer, Rep


Ronnie (Tooter) Scott, Incumbent


Philip Blankenship, Rep, Incumbent


Jeanne Andrews, Dem, Incumbent


Dottie Williams, Dem, Incumbent

Constable for Barber Township

Jeffrey Jones, Jr, Rep

Constable for Boone Township

Albert Brown, Rep

Constable for Ellsworth

Jason Sutliff, Rep

Steve Craig Featherston, Rep

Constable for Delaware

James Mashek, Rep, Incumbent

Constable for Short Mountain

John Paul Wells, Rep, Incumbent

Danny Wilks, Rep

Constable for Sugar Creek

Robert Patrick Edwards, Rep

Constable for Tomlinson

Tinker Turner, Dem

Paris School Board

Zone 1

Beth Ullrich, Ind, Incumbent

Zone 2

June Gilbreath, Ind, Incumbent

Zone 3

John Cory Wells, Inc, Incumbent

Zone 4

Tracy Richey, Ind, Incumbent

Delissa Hamilton, Ind

Zone 5

Dustin Schluterman, Ind

Booneville School Board

Pos 1/Zone 1

Dustin Garrett, Ind, Incumbent

Pos 2/Zone 2

James Eric Jones, Ind, Incumbent

Pos 3/Zone 3

Andy Napier, Ind, Incumbent

Pos 4, Zone 4

Mark Wooldridge, Inc, Incumbent

Pos 5/ Zone 5

Todd Tatum, Ind, Incumbent

Pos 6

Amy Daniel, Inc, Incumbent

Pos 7

Robert “Bobby” Haynes, Ind, Incumbent

Scranton School Board

Adam Jamison Fritsche, Ind, Incumbent


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